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Meet the common Cryptids

Today we are confronted with a wide variety of reports and unresolved claims concerning unverified animals, there  are some very common patterns of:
bulletUnusual felids, such as "big cats" in Britain and Australia, and unknown cats in South America  & africa.
bulletReports of pumas in Eastern North America, and a puma-like cat known as the Onza in Mexico.
bulletSurviving thylacines in Tasmania (Tasmanian Tiger ) and on mainland Australia, and possibly other thought-extinct marsupials, such as Thylacoleo, the so called marsupial lion.
bulletSightings of giant flightless moa birds in New Zealand, thought to have been extinct for centuries.
bulletReports of oversized individuals of known species, such as giant great white sharks in the oceans, giant crocodiles in Australasia, and giant anaconda snakes in South America.
bulletReports of giant octopuses with radial spreads of 100 feet or more in the Caribbean and other regions.
bulletSea serpents are seen in many marine regions, possibly representing large unknown seals or thought-extinct forms such as ancient whales (archaeocetes) or Mesozoic reptiles.
bulletLake Monsters in northern latitude lakes such as Loch Ness, other Scottish lochs, and in Irish, Swedish, Russian, Canadian, and U.S. lakes.
bulletReports of long-necked animals in Central African swamps resembling Mesozoic sauropod dinosaurs, and flying animals resembling Mesozoic pterosaurs.
bulletReports of surviving Pleistocene megafauna, such as mammoths in Siberia and giant ground sloths in South America.
bulletLarge, bipedal primates in Russia (Snowman), the Himalayas (Yeti), the Caucasus (Almasty), Mongolia (Almas), China (Yeren), and North America (Sasquatch/Bigfoot).