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This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with Cryptozoology and other strange fields. The information is divided into the following categories: Top Links
bulletTop Links
bulletGeneral Cryptozoology
bulletMountain Men
bulletGeneral Weird & Fringe Science


 Fortean Times
 Roesch's Cryptozoology
 Virtual Institute
 Loren Coleman
 Centre for Fortean Zoology
 American Monsters

 Bizarre Creatures Of Japan
 Extreme Expeditions
 Fairly Freaky Animals





Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ]




International society of cryptozoology


The Alien Zoo - Good general site


The Shadowlands.net - Good site that covers all oddball stuff




Virtual Institute of Cryptozoology

bulletCryptozoology Page
bulletSmithsonian Squid Exhibit
bulletCentre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ] professional UK site
bulletCreature Cronicles
bulletInternational society of cryptozoology
bulletThe Alien Zoo - Good general site
bulletThe Shadowlands.net - Good site that covers all oddball stuff
bulletThe Unmuseum
bulletVirtual Institute of Cryptozoology  
bulletThe Bestiary
bulletLegend of Nessie



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General Weird

bulletThe Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
bulletUniversity of CA. SETI Project (SERENDIP)
bulletFranklin Institute Science Museum.
bulletThe Planetary Society
bulletAdventures Beyond
bullet Cliff Pickover's Home Page
bullet The San Francisco Exploratorium Hotlist
bullet Cool Science Hotlist.
bulletAUM~Sparky's Astounding Ancients
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Mountain Men


The Abominable Snowman - The Yeti legend and history of sightings.


Shadowlands Bigfoot - News, sightings and photos of the beast and his footprints.


The Legend of the Yeti - Yeti legends, photos and stories.


Bigfoot: Fact or Fantasy? - Info on sightings and the famous Patterson/Gimlin film.


Sasquatch Research Group - Sounds, sightings and expedition reports. Bigfoot mailing list too.


Bigfoot FAQ - Huge archive of Bigfoot info. A great resource for research papers.


Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center - Visit this site and join in the investigation.


Australian Hominid Research

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Biology & Exobiology4

This is an explanation of what the links in this category have in common.

bulletSite 1
bulletSite 2
bulletSite 3
bulletSite 4
bulletSite 5
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bullet Shuckland - the hound of East Anglia
bullet British Big Cat Society
bullet Thylacoleo Carnifox Site


bulletSea Serpents & Lake Monsters - Excellent resource for news and photos
bulletThe Great Sea Serpent - letter to the editor of the Illustrated London News in 1848
bulletThe Legend of Nessie - Just about everything you could wish for Nessie wise.
bullet Lake Monsters - Great collection of photos and sightings
bulletIrish Lake Monsters
bullet Lake Van, Turkey, monster? - includes amateur video
bullet The Creature of Turtle Lake - Saskatchewan
bulletThe Legends of Prince Edward County - Canada
bulletWisconsin "sea serpents"
bulletA sighting on Lake Memphremagog
bulletNOVA Online: The Beast of Loch Ness
bulletLoch Ness Live! - with web cam
bulletDan Scott Taylor's "Nessa Project"
bullet The Aquatic Monsters Page
bulletLouisiana sea monster sighting of 1856
bulletThe Great Sea Serpent of 1848
bullet Gloucester Sea Serpent, no. 1
bulletGloucester Sea Serpent, no. 2


bulletCryptosaur Page - Excellent info on Mokele-Mbembe and other cryptosaurs. Cool photos of possible sightings.
bullet Mokele-Mbembe Page - Info and history on the African Brontosaur.
bullet African Mysteries - More dino info on Mokele-Mbembe and the N'Yamala, a Diplodocus like creature in Gabon.
bulletAfrican Pterodactyls - Speculation on the legends of Pterodactyls in Africa.
bulletIncan Dinosaurs? - Is there evidence of dinosaurs in Ancient Incan art?
bulletDiscovering Dinosaurs


bulletThe Chupacabra Home Page - While it hasn't been updated in a while, this site is still one of the prime sources for Chupa articles, drawings and discussion.
bullet Chupalooza! - Everything Chupacabra. Stories, pictures and more.
bulletEl Chupacabra Online - Sightings, pictures, sounds and movies.
bulletChupacabra Site


Wikipedia Cryptozoology Article - a good source for all the main ideas and categories of cryptozoology.

The "Strange Creatures" series of online ebook short story anthologies - this free online collection is edited by Chad Arment, the author of a nonfiction book titled Cryptozoology: Science and Speculation. The website contains about a dozen anthologies collecting stories of cryptids, many of them from famous authors of the ninteenth century and early twentieth century.

Cryptozoology Emporium - is mainly a list of books, documentary films and other cryptozoology resources and products, including novels, movies and children's books.

Centre for Fortean Zoology - a UK-based site with information about cryptozoology and monster hunting, from a European perspective

The Cryptozoologist: Loren Coleman's Home Page - Loren Coleman is probably the author of more books about cryptozoology than any other single person.

Cryptozoology - Searching for Hidden Animals: Taking a Hard Look at Cryptozoology by Ben S. Roesch.

Cryptozoological Realms - a large site with information about many cryptids, cryptozoology-based philosophy and more.

FarShores: Worldwide Anomaly Reporting - information on cryptozoology, the paranormal and mysteries, including articles, links and a discussion forum

Cryptozoology.com - a huge site with the latest articles on current cryptozoology expeditions.

Unexplained Mysteries: Your Gateway to the Paranormal - a site that contains a lot of material about cryptozoology, in addition to other topics that fit the label of "paranormal" much better.

Creature Chronicles - edited by Ron Schaffner, it contains the complete out-of-print articles from this cryptozoology publication.

So, You Don't Believe in Cryptozoology? - an article by Jordan P. Niednagel.

The Lost World of Papua New Guinea - an article by Jordan P. Niednagel.

American Monsters - guide to many cryptids, not just those reported from America.

Cryptoworld.net - news articles about cryptozoology, new animal discoveries, and the unexplained.

Joe's Cryptozoology Pages - an interesting site with few cryptids, it focuses on some of the lesser-known critters in detail.

Dale Cozort's Cryptozoology Page

What is Cryptozoology?

The Cryptoweb Cryptozoology Picture Gallery

The Museum of Unnatural Mystery - includes a number of cryptozoological subjects, such as giant lizards.

Strange Ark - cryptozoology and other zoological oddities.

Myth & Mystery - a large directory of links having to do with cryptozoology, aliens, pseudoscience and many other weird topics.

Bizarre Creatures of Japan - short films supposed to show creatures of cryptozoology, mythology and the paranormal.

William McDonald's Cryptozoology Art Gallery - also contains extensive cryptozoology theories and definitions.

Para-Researchers of Ontario - covers many topics that are unusual, including cryptozoology.

The People Behind Cryptozoology

The Cryptids Category at Wikipedia - lots of articles about individual creatures of cryptozoology, arranged alphabetically.

Cryptozoology - a neat list of creatures and websites.

Weird Wisconsin: Creatures! - a cool website about lake monsters, hairy humanoids and all sorts of mythical animals from Wisconsin.

Fairly Freaky Animals - animals that are really weird... but real!

The Supernatural World - a large site with lots of articles about cryptozoology and other unexplained phenomena.

Chupacabra: Dark Seas - a new horror movie about the chupacabra or goat-sucker of Puerto Rico.

The White Moose - an animal that is known to exist, but is quite unusual.

Institute for the Investigation of the Unknown

Anomalies and Alternative Science Links - a really large directory that can lead to hours of browsing. Includes quite a number of cryptozoology links.

Eric Penz Home Page - author of the novel Cryptid.

Bigfoot Books and Videos

Conspiracy City - a directory including subjects such as cryptozoology, monsters, the paranormal, alternative history, and lots of other weird topics.

Cryptomundo - a collection of news and blogs about cryptozoology. Bloggers include Loren Coleman, John Kirk, Rick Noll and Craig Woolheater.

Paranormal News - cryptozoology, crop circles, ghosts and more.

Odd Wisconsin Archives: Animals

Charlie Carlson's Strange Florida

Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page - ghosts and other topics of the unexplained and fringe science.

The Unexplained - a web ring about bigfoot, UFOs, aliens, ghosts, paranormal activities, unsolved mysteries, cryptozoology, myths and other similar topics.

The Cryptozoology Web Ring

Cryptozoologix - contains pages about nearly all the major cryptids.

The Cryptodominion - home of hidden animals, focusing on biological information and theories.

Kryptid's Keep - a large site with essays and definitions, about cryptozoology, religion and unexplained topics.

GUST: Global Underwater Search Team - a large and professional site with lots of articles, mostly about water cryptids but including some land cryptids too. It is based in Sweden so sometimes the English is a bit odd, but this is hardly noticable. If you get the Swedish version, just click on the English link to get the language to switch.

International Society of Cryptozoology - is the premiere organization devoted to cryptozoological researches. Most notable cryptozoologists are members or were members at one time. Note: this link has been dead recently, but I'm leaving it here in case it revives.

Dr. Labush's Animal Links - a site about animals that linked to me.

Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained - a website that contains information on cryptozoology, monsters and strange creatures plus other mysteries such as alternate history, the paranormal, and the afterlife.

Giantology - a blog-style website dealing with archaelogical and folkloric evidence for giant humans and giant humanoids.

The ThirdEye Concept - news and information about the world of weird beliefs, of which cryptozoology is generally a part.

Cryptozoology Squared - a large website with an emphasis on essays exploring the theories and debunking some creatures, while keeping an open mind about others.

Cryptid Carnivora - a cryptozoology site focusing on felines, canines, bears, seals and other meat-eating mammals.

Legendary Sea Creatures - all about creatures that are reported in the world's oceans, but that officially don't exist.

Unknown Creatures - according to this site, maybe some of the creatures of Cryptozoology are real, but they are spirtual creatures, not flesh and blood. This is why not one has been captured, killed or proven since the first sighting eons ago.

The Supernatural Zone - a huge website on many topics, including strange creatures that are usually classed as part of cryptozoology.

PsiPog - a site about weird topics of many sorts, arguing that many things discounted by mainstream science might be real.

Farrell International Paranormal & Metaphysical Directory - a collection of sites about strange topics.

The Dragon Stone - Dragons of Mythology and Fantasy - a very in-depth site on dragons in legends, mythology and other fields of interest.


Giant Squid
 The Jackalope

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