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Mokele-Mbembe and Other African Oddities


Mokele-Mbembe (one who stops the flow of rivers) is an alleged living dinosaur that makes it's home in the thick jungles of the Congo in Africa, more specifically in the Likouala swamp.  Based on the reports from the natives in the area, them Mokele-mbembe is a sauropod like dinosaur, with the long neck, long tail and four legs.  The neck is said to be around the same thickness of a man's leg, and has been said to be as big as an elephant.   Strangely, hippos don't live in the swamp. More>>

In addition to the Mokele-Mbembe, other unknown animals inhabit the Congo.


A strange one-horned animal that eats plants, but also kills elephants, hippo and buffalo.  It's suggested that the Emela-ntouka is either a Ceratopsian dinosaur or a strange semi-aquatic rhino. 

There is an edition of National Geographic with the swamp elephant on the front
cover and the words 'Ndoki', check out that issue.

There's a picture a man painted based on reports of the Emela-ntouka (although they called it mokele-mbembe), and it looks like a huge rhinocerous with a gigantic, curving horn.


This one has planks coming out of it's back.  Although it's body is rarely seen, the planks make it sound like it's a stegasarus.


This baby dwarfs the giant Anaconda.  It's a giant snake with a ridged back, and is said to be 130-195 feet long, and has a forked tongue.  It has been seen on several occasions, and one time a man watched it cross the river and saw a good 30 feet of it, but saw neither head nor
tail as it was so long!  Dr. Roy Mackal theorizes it could be a prehistoric survivor to snakes and lizards.

Ndendeki and Mahamba

Giant turtles 12 to 15 feet in diameter (Ndendeki), and giant crocodiles fifty feet long (Mahamba).

None of these animals sound particularly endearing, and their names don't help.  One might rather want to see Nessie than a Emela-ntouka.   The creatures in the Congo definately seem to defy logical explanation.  For all your dinosaur needs, check out Africa.  If you prefer the land dinosaurs that seem to be semi-aquatic, the Congo is a great place.  For pterodactyls, visit Zambia (some speculate that these are unknown giant bats) and look to the skies for Kongamato.   For plesiosaur-like monsters, check South Africa and visit Incayumba, who is been dubbed Howie.