Sea Serpents
Megalodon Shark
The Kraken

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Almost three quarters of the Earth is covered by the seas. 97% of theses waters are more than 200m deep and the deepest trenches are more than 10,000 feet deep. There are animals living at these great depths that we are only just learning about. Sailors of every age have told tales of their adventures. After stories of treasure and women, one of their favourite subjects was Sea Monsters. This usually refers to a creature that appears to be a giant sea serpent, or like the prehistoric plesiosaur or the kraken, a huge many tentacled creature. Most of these stories about sea monsters are just tall stories or hoaxes. Some of them are the result of misidentifications. A floating log, or in the case of the Daedalus, an abandoned native canoe painted like a snake.
Some encounters are so close, though, that it is hard to believe someone could be mistaken.
Cryptids of the Sea
bulletMegalodon - giant extinct Miocene shark
bulletSea serpent
bulletKraken, a huge many tentacled creature


Found Animals
bulletMegamouth Shark